1. 3 months old

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  4. Date night!

  5. Snapchat buddy desired! My username is tangywolfie2. If you send me nudes, it is doubtful that I will respond.

    I’m designing outfits along with the Project Runway contestants. These are my designs from episode 1 and 2.

  6. Taking a stroll…

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    Illustration by Alice Lin

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    - arcane council in the crooked forest -

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    I know, I am completely horrible for this is a re upload, but that last picture seemed to go completely strange and squished when I uploaded it, so I removed it; and became awfully fond of the quick sketch once I had, so I wanted to put it up on my blog once again, and I hope this does not bother any of you souls.
    I’ve been getting back into pointless sketches lately, 5 minute doodles, and late night drawings that hold very little point, and I have found I am awfully fond of drawing trees. I find the irony of drawings trees on paper, somewhat poetic I suppose, but most of all, simply drawing the nature I seem to not be able to completely give myself over to lately, provides me with a sense of calming that is ridiculously difficult to find in a world so clouded.

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